Make Public Transportation Vehicles Safe and Protect Their Passengers

Public Transportation Vehicles

Our busy lives require that we utilize public transportation.  Most providers of these vehicles maintain the mechanical as well as the appearance of these needed means of transportation at a minimum.  Although these vehicles may look clean, because of the bacterial load they may still harbor odor causing microorganisms.  The passengers want and expect more than clean, they expect a vehicle to be free of germs and odors. Now owners of these vehicles and their passengers can be fully protected. Using the Just Gone Sanitizing System™ by your Local Just Gone Systems Dealer to rid public transportation vehicles of all these unwanted germs and odors is the smart thing to do to protect everyone. It is not enough to clean. You need to sanitize.

You can wipe down surfaces and using spray can products you can attempt to do this, but you are not able to reach many of the places germs and odors hide. The Just Gone Sanitizing System™ by your Local Just Gone Systems Dealer is capable of reaching those hard-to-get-to spaces and completely sanitize and deodorize these complex mobile people movers.

Local Just Gone Systems Dealer can service this need effectively and economically.

The Just Gone Sanitizing and Deodorization System sanitizes and deodorizes by first using an advanced “Dry Fog” system that gets everywhere to remove harmful germs, bacteria, odors, allergens and indoor contaminants without leaving any harmful residues. It doesn’t use harsh toxic chemicals, fragrances nor does it require time consuming manual wipe downs or rinsing. Even delicate surfaces and the heating and cooling systems can be sanitized against a multitude of germs, allergens, odors and indoor contaminates in a fraction of the time and with the highest degree of effectiveness.

Second, utilizing our Patented Zoono Technology, our surface protector provides a defensive shield against mold, bacteria, and viruses. Zoono is antimicrobial nanotechnology that uses intelligent molecules to actively and consistently reduce pathogen loads on surfaces by using physics to kill germs instead of chemistry. What does that mean? It means that Zoono Technology is less toxic than Vitamin C, yet providing you with the Peace of Mind that your vehicle is odor free, and all odors and bacterial problems are effectively eliminated for up to 90 days. Nothing works as well as the Just Gone Sanitizing and Deodorizing System.

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Zoono is EPA registered and FDA approved.