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Top rated FAQ Questions

How does Just Gone Sanitizing & Deodorizing System™ (Chlorine Dioxide) Work?
Most people have never heard of Chlorine Dioxide (Clo2). Or else they think its bleach (which is Sodium Hypochlorite or NsCIO). Like bleach, Clo2 is used as a sanitizer and bleaching agent. Unlike bleach, Clo2 is safe to use, does not leave toxic residue. Chlorine Dioxide oxygenates products rather than chlorinating them. Clo2 is considered a “friendly” Deodorizer, Sanitizer and Disinfectant.

There are a lot of pathogenic organisms out there that can cause chaos.
Clo2 is highly effective on most bacteria, virus, fungi, mold spores, algae, and blood borne pathogens, protozoa, yeast and biofilms.
Some names you might recognize are;

Legionella – Salmonella – Cryptosporidium – Giardia Cysts – Coliforms
Listeria – Shigella – Staph – Norovirus – Influenza – Anthrax – Cholera
E-coli – Hepatitis – Hepa Virus – EBOLA – C Diff – MARS – MERSA

Is Chlorine Dioxide non-toxic? What about residue?
Chlorine Dioxide is residue free as the active ingredients break down to naturally found products in the environment, primarily salt and water. It is environmentally friendly and has no harsh reactions on your skin.
Can Chlorine Dioxide be used on hard Surfaces?

Absolutely, it is ideal for use as a hard surface cleaner because with minimal surface time it is highly effective against many different organisms.


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